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Posted on Nov 5, 2014 in Palm Springs Vacation Home

With our love for all things mid-century modern, we also can’t help but love Palm Springs. I hear it’s called the mid-century modern capital of the world. No wonder we have been visiting for more than 10 years, driving in through the windmills with Dean Martin, Sammy Davis and Frank on the iPod. As the temperature rose, anything stressful just melted away.
palm springs windmills

Each year, we discovered a different community in Palm Springs, a new-to-us mid-century boutique hotel, and ultimately mid-century modern home vacation rentals.

We started staying downtown, of course, because it’s walkable to shops and restaurants. But we soon realized that with a couple bikes, all of the best parts of Palm Springs were easily accessible. The streets are flat. And with so many bike-friendly sidewalks, Palm Springs feels leisurely and safe.

Soon enough, we had our favorite neighborhoods — Deepwell. Sunrise Park. Sunmor Estates. We also found the best desert hikes above the town and in the palm oases. We felt like locals, eating at local favorite restaurants. Shopping the tiny locally owned boutiques. And pointing out the deteriorating homes that we wished we could save.

Finally, we jumped. It took us a year to find the right house in the right neighborhood, just a couple miles from downtown Palm Springs (totally bikeable). And another 6 months to get this Alexander home into vacation-friendly shape. We still have so many plans!

But for now, we can’t wait to share it with you.


The Owners :)